Welcome to my Guest Book.  Please post your thoughts, ideas and something about yourself and any good memories you have about Heidelberg.
Lane I love the picture from the 17 Estes Park reunion of you on the dock with your arm around me. Looks like a good time was had!
Charles Kerns
September 22,2017

Thanks Lane for all the pictures and funnies that keep us connected. Though I did not graduate from Heidelberg HS, I went there longer than any other school so I feel like it is "my school." I came to Germany on the USS Rose in early January of 1963 with Rick Kettler and his family. I went to see his Mom and Dad after the horrible accident that took his life and those of the other boys in July of that year. Most of my memories from H-berg are happy ones- lighting of the castle, prom at the castle, Freddies, bier, but most of all lots of great people. Candice Vorhies, Judith Novick, and Karen Arnold became lifelong friends. However, I love staying in contact with other classmates and making new friends. Thanks Lane for all the work you put into keeping it going. Have not made it to an Estes Park reunion yet, but it is on my bucket list!
Beverly Fish Cox
September 16,2017
Modesto CA

Happy 50th Anniversary Class of 66 HHS! Had a good day reminiscing thru our Yearbook, a lot of good memories and friends! I had a Good drink from my HHS mug Tues! I have a printed copy of Lane's newsletter of Sept. 1994, Thank you Lane for keeping all of our Alumni in touch with each other over all these years, Kudos!! Have a Great summer Everyone and remember those that have passed before their time. Cheryl Smith Kastantin
Cheryl Smith Kastantin
June 9,2016
Wheatland, IA.

Always great memories, but as usual, my name is spelled wrong in most photos. It's a "z" not an "s" in my name. But, it's happened all my life. Keep up the good word Ellis!
Gary L. Veazey, Sr.
May 2,2015

Wow, I know this will be a shot in the dark, but I'll try anyway. My dad was stationed in Heidelberg between 1966-69. I attended the 1st grade at the school and I am desperately trying to locate my first grade teacher. Her name was Alice Edgerly from St. Cloud, Minnesota. Is there any teacher alumni information that is available for access. I've got pictures of when I was in the first grade and she's in the one we all took as a class group. My brother graduated in '68 and played on the football team as a fullback under Coach Craig. Ringing any bells here?
John L. Franklin
April 5,2015
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Great posts Lane, thank you for all your hard work. I am looking for Peggy Bryant who graduated in 66. Would love to hear from her. I graduated in 65. Married the soldier I went to the prom with. Next year we will have been married 49 years. We have three children, 18 grandchildren and one on the way, and seven great grandchildren with one on the way. Sure do miss those school days-------my parents are rolling over in their graves hearing that!
Leilani Golden McHenry
December 12,2014
Moundsville, West Virginia

My brother, Mike, '67 and I '70 attended for a year leaving Heidelberg in the spring of '67. I often wonder where some of my friends from Heidelberg are now? Thanks for maintaining this web site.
Maureen McCarthy
September 21,2014
Niagara Falls, NY

Ahhh, memory lane! I was there in 1964/1965 but graduated stateside in 1970. So many firsts...on the road to wisdom...above all there was romance...introduced by the best girls in the world. Funny, I cant remember a single guy!
ted dunn
March 17,2014
Oakton, VA

Great web site, glad I finally found it. Looking forward to seeing other alumni at the 2014 Estes Park reunion.
Beth (Semelmaker) Masse
February 18,2014
Yuma, AZ

Great website! It is so good to know that the Lion spirit will survive the closure of HHS this coming June. Greetings from Germany, Christian
Christian Führer
February 5,2013
Near Heidelberg, Germany

I was in 6th grade at the annex when my sister Becky was class of 1972. She was in the mountain climbing club and was killed on a climb in 1972. Would love to get an email from Ruchia Moran.
Marcus Trigg
September 9,2012
memphis TN

Thank you, Lane, for putting together and maintaining this website. I've live relatively close to Heidelberg for the last 11 years, and every time I visit it it is like coming home. Again, thanks for all your efforts.
Mark Lee
December 27,2011
Stuttgart, Germany

Nostalgia just isn't what it used to be.
Tim Bradley
December 21,2011
Altadena, California

I love the way you love Heidelberg Lane!
Kim Goble
February 24,2011
Clarksville, TN

Lane--We have never met but do share a bond. I loved my time in Heidelberg. I was only at Heidelberg High for my senior year. I did stay on long after my dad rotated out. I met my husband of 37 years -- which was, of course, the best thing that happened to me in Heidelberg. I so appreciate all you are doing to keep us 60's oldies but goodies informed and in touch!!!!
Summer Sayes Purvis
February 24,2011
Pelahatchie, MS

My memories of Heidelberg are great! Anyone hear anything from Mac Newton or Penny Fletcher? I attended school in Heidelberg in 1964/65; did my senior year outside of Ft. Meade, Md. Married to Jeff Smith (class of '66); we have a son, Justin, 23, and a daughter Katie, 30. Have lived in Savannah, GA since 1992.
JoAnn Michau
February 15,2011
Savannah, GA

I was only in 2nd & 3rd grade when our family was stationed in Heidelberg- but my sisters Barbara and Susan and brother Michael Wanek were in high and middle school. Would love to hear from old friends!
Carol Wanek Campbell
November 7,2010

Lane... thanks for the info on prom pics. Really appreciate your perseverance and all the effort you put into keeping us up to date. You're a gem.
Sheila Smith
September 20,2010
Cedar Rapids, IA

Hi Lane! I wanted to post the pictures I brought to the CoSps reunion, but naturally I can't find the password page you sent out. Please e-mail me. Leen
Eileen Bennett Gregory
August 11,2010
Kingston, MO

Gosh!! Are you SURE, Lane?? 44 years ago?? Holy cow~when did THAT happen?? Seems like yesterday!
Barbara Brown Perry Class of '66
June 13,2010
Rio Linda, Sacramento County, California

Thanks for getting so many of us together!
Mandy Kruger Bryan
June 11,2010
Palmyra, VA

Thanks for creating a meeting place where we all can trip down memory lane. It shows the passion you have for all that represents some of the most important years of our lives. Danka!
Candy LeMonier Baird
June 8,2010
San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for a great website! I like the Heidelberg webcam as well! Since I have my own website, I can really appreciate the amount of time and work you put into this.
Chuck Bryan
June 8,2010
Vancouver, Canada

Lane I continue to enjoy the "labor of love" you've put together for us!
Patricia Gormley Gordon
June 4,2010
Taylors, South Carolina

Hi Lane What would we do without you. I have never seen anyone so passionate about our heritage as military brats. It was then and still is very special. God Bless !!
Brenda Davis Rowe
June 1,2010
Atlanta (Alpharetta) GA

Hi Lane! It's always good to hear from you & stay updated on the alumni news. Even though I rarely respond I'm always "listening".
Andrea Ball Hastings
June 1,2010
Rockledge, FL

Thanks for all you do Lane. It was great to meet you at the Tahoe reunion last summer (August 2009). Don Dickson '69
Donald Dickson
June 1,2010
College Station, Texas

On this day of remembrance--for all of you and our fathers and mothers that have served our great country - Thank you! I'm looking forward to the next Reunion, big or small. And thanks to you Lane, for keeping us all connected! Cheers! :-)
Dottie Werner '65
May 31,2010
Princeton, NJ

Lane, Greetings to you on this Memorial Day! Remember all those who gave their lives so we could live ours in freedom even if we do have the 20 year plague of successive bad GOP's making bad decisions for the USA. Your photo page with that beautiful shot of Heidelberg brings back great memories and a certain amount of sadness of a time that is now just that in fact, a memory. Nevetheless I look forward to the reunion in 2011 and many thanks for you keeping us all connected, I salute you! I lived in Heidelberg from 1959-1967, a magical 8 years! And somehow "Ich hat mein hartz in Heidelberg verloren"! Excuse any wrong spelling! Jawohl!
Alexander Piccinini
May 31,2010
San Francisco CA

Hello there, fellow old Lions! I'm counting on all of you to send birthday greetings to Frau Gerber June 18. She'll be turning 85. Sorry, but I couldn't get an email address for her. Her name and address: Frau Inge Burck Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Str. 4 69214 Eppelheim Germany
Nancy Grieger Teichert
May 31,2010
Haan, Germany

Remembering last year's reunion at Estes park--what a wonderful time and such beautiful scenery. Thanks for making that happen. Hoping to see you all in H-Berg 2011.
Sheila Chitwood Landre
May 31,2010
Modesto, California

Lane - Thanks again for all the work you've put into keeping us all connected. The web site is outstanding! John Sherwood, Class of '69
John Sherwood
May 31,2010
Colorado Springs, CO.

You are so great to keep us all connected. Come south and visit. You are always welcome. Jane and Ham
Jane Allen Kimzey class of 67
May 30,2010
McCaysville, Georgia

As the song goes "thanks for the memories..." You're doing a great job and I am sure all of us appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping us all together through your website. Barbara '66
Barbara Funke Picking
May 30,2010
Pueblo, CO

Hi Lane. I love your HHS web site. It's always so wonderful to see familiar names, read about similar experiences and the fantastic fun we had while in Heidelberg. Also making new friends through various reunions and gatherings, such as your Estes Park Reunion that I hope one day to be able to attend. Sending Texas sized hugs and peace always, Roo.
Ruchia Eargle Moran
May 30,2010

I attended 7th grade there back 1964. I rode the bus from Patrick Henry Village. A lot of the time, I would run into the cafeteria after school and buy an ice cream bar to eat on the bus ride home.
Viveca (Chasteen) Park
May 30,2010
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Thanks Lane for keeping the Heidelberg candle burning brightly. I have made several personal re-connects thanks to your efforts in keeping track of us. Auf Aloha.
Bruce Chapman
May 30,2010
Honolulu, HI

Lane, Thanks for sending an invite to your page. It is really nicely done. Know you have done a lot of hard work for all the HHS Alumni over the years. Look forward tos eeing you in Heidelberg 2011.
John Donohue
May 30,2010
Atlanta, GA

Thanks for all your dedicated work keeping everybody connected and keeping the memory of our days in Heidelberg alive. I'm looking forward to July 2011 in Heidelberg again.
Stephen R. Sirbaugh
May 30,2010
Colonial Heights, Virginia

Hi Lane, Its been years since I've signed this but I do appreciate your hard work. Thx for coming to Tahoe. I hope to make it to Estes Park soon. Thx again & have a great Memorial Day weekend. Prost!
John Hill ('69)
May 30,2010
Reno, NV

Thanks so much Lane for all your hard work in keeping us all connected! You definitely have embarked on a very honorable and very rewarding journey into the past and all the way up to the present. Thank you again ... I hope that I'll get to HB in 2011.
Dori French Cantley
May 30,2010
Springville, AL

Come up and try some great fly fishing! Nice to see a lot of familiar names and faces on these pages....keep up the great work Lane!
Bill Stevens
May 30,2010

Thanks for your efforts to keep us all connected in one way or another. You've put a lot of work into this website and it is much appreciated! Diana
Diana Dee Carr-Adams
May 30,2010

Thanks, Lane, for you labor of love! It shines through and I appreciate it very much that you take the time...hope to meet you in HB 2011. Don '69
Don Vaughn
May 30,2010
San Diego, CA

Thanks for your continuing commitment to keeping communications alive within our Heidelberg community.
Larry Line
May 30,2010
San Francisco Bay Area, California

Lane, Your dedicated hard work and constant vigilance to locate the wandering lost and vastly spread out Heidelberger’s and manage to take us all back to those magical times is highly commendable! Thanks Lane for finding me and I love you and your frolicking hysterical family!
Gail Niemann
May 30,2010
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thanks, Lane, for remembering us all of our great time at HHS, an experience for a life time.
Brian Rogers
May 30,2010
Nussloch near Heidelberg, Germany

Lane, The Heidelberg Lions '66 page is a terrific addition. Thanks so much for helping us get back in touch with old friends. It's always fun to 'hear from Lane!'
Steve Talbott
May 30,2010
Bay Village, Ohio

Thanks so much for all your efforts in keeping the lion spirit. Would have never thought after all these years us military brats could find each other love you for being tenious
Brigitte J. Adams (Cox)
March 21,2010
Keystone Heights. FL

I attended Heidelberg HS in the early 60s and would have been in the class of '66, but left to graduate HS in NYC. It was a long time ago, but I still remember by friends: Patty, Linda, Joy and Ginny. Glad I found the site. THANKS.
Cindy (Breyfogle) Brendzel
February 23,2010
New Jersey

hi lane. i see you everywhere. (is that like seeing dead people...... HA HA) love you, dude aka BeeGees Lane.
Morgan Joy O'Cailleigh fka Joy Christenberry
January 5,2010
Albuquerque, NM

Thank you, Lane for inviting me to join. I am delighted to connect with others having similar experiences. I applaud you in all your efforts creating this!
Sandy Marr Kincade
December 2,2009
Chandler, Oklahoma

Great work Lane, and nice shot of me in the tub at my Grandmother's house when I was little! That's the location of our farms--the other place besides Heidelberg where I really feel at home. Looking forward to Estes Park 2009! Mike Jennings (also '68) says hello--he is off to Iraq tomorrow.
Gary M. Jacobson
September 1,2009
55 miles North of Chicago

Dear Lane, Thank you for giving me back my childhood thru adulthood. It took me 43 years to find everybody and it took you 1 day after I signed up with Facebook to find me. What a terrific job you are doing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart
Wilhelmine Harper
August 9,2009
Bronx, New York

Lane, Kudos to you! You have done a fantastic job of putting this all together. Thanks for the trip back in time.
Dennis M. Gordon
May 9,2009
Culpeper, Virginia

Lane, thanks so much for all your efforts to keep us together in spirit, as well as in body (your Estes Park get-togethers). Your website is truly a walk down memory lane!
Maurie Shoss Haas
May 3,2009
McAllen, TX

Lane you are one of a kind. Love your passion!
Helen Hathaway
March 24,2009
Indianapolis, IN

Someone likes her new car.
Sally Pavick
March 22,2009

Thanks for keeping things going. I enjoy staying in the loop. I also enjoyed that first Estes Reunion in '98. Can't believe it was 11 years ago! I registered again just in case I hadn't already! Yeah, Class of '66!
Jeanette (Benke) Ward
March 22,2009

thanks, Lane, for all the work you do here! Sure seems like another lifetime in Heidelberg!
Cindy Hoff Whitesel
March 22,2009
Nottingham, PA

Lane, It is always fun to hear from you - you are a champ for keeping us all connected. Looking forward to the next dinner in Denver with you and Sally. How about April? Many thanks for all you do!
Susie Fredericks
March 22,2009
Colorado Springs, CO

Lane, thanks for including me and keeping this going over so many years. Now that I retired from the service (1 Aug 2008), I am making time for old memories and friends. I plan on attending in 2009 and, of course, 2011 in Heidelberg. Believe I am the last of us to retire from military service of the 60's graduating years...knew it was time. Those coming to Berlin are always welcome to stop by, I always have a cold brew and....Berlin is a great city to visit, but, like all of us, Heidelberg has a special place... even if the school closes....we should keep the memory alive and continue to meet there every-so-often. God bless you all and keep you safe. don z
Donald H. Zedler
March 3,2009
Berlin, Germany

I just now got around to registering, but I, too, appreciate all the time and effort you put into this, Lane. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone in 2011! My mother flew over here last September for my 60th birthday and we drove down to Heidelberg for a trip down memory lane. What an adventure that turned out to be! My mother has a lifetime ID with commissary and PX privileges and offered to take me "shopping" for my birthday. The commissary is now in Patrick Henry Village, but you can't get in there unless you're stationed there. We finally made it in after thorough screening (reminiscent of entering into East Germany in the olden days) including MP escort (twice!). I have the feeling that someone might have to rent the Castle or a very large riverboat for the reunion in 2011 - Mark Twain and Patrick Henry seem pretty much off limits to us former Army brats now. Anyway, the adventurous day at Patrick Henry Village was the highlight of my mother's visit here. But it's too bad the world isn't as free and easy as it was (or seemed to be) back in the 60's in Heidelberg.
Nancy (Grieger) Teichert
February 28,2009
Haan (near Düsseldorf) Germany

Hey Lane, thanks for 'accidentally' finding me on Facebook. There are no accidents. I have such great memories of Heidelberg. After my freshman/sophomore year my dad was stationed in Nurnberg where I did my sophomore/junior year before being transfered yet again to Columbia, S.C. Talk about culture shock. Thanks for finding me.
Jill Dalton
February 26,2009
New York City

Lane, after all these years.......never thought this group would have kept in touch. You found me around 2000, was not aware of all the reunions, etc. You've done a GREAT job of keeping us informed and aware. Sad that Heidelberg won't be the same after 2011, but then nothing really is the same now., nor has been for quite a while. At least we have the memories, I hope people keep the photographs coming. They are truly a trip down memory lane, and in those photos, we're "forever young".
Janet Woten Wells '66
February 25,2009
Belingham, WA

You're doing a great job, Lane. The older we all get, the more meaningful the past becomes. Thanks for helping people re-connect. Jim Ewing -- English teacher '64-'66
Jim Ewing
February 25,2009
Ajijic, Mexico / Sautee, GA

Nice to see so many people visiting the site. Thanks for putting in so much effort.
Dan Church
February 23,2009
Montgomery Village, MD

Thanks for making all this possible. I have a website of my own and I know how much time and effort is required to do it and maintain it. Even so, I'd like to see more people put in some current pictures too!
Charlie Bryan
February 18,2009
Vancouver, Canada

Hey Lane! Glad to see your dedication in helping everyone stay connected (or re-connected). For all of us, a warm "Thank You"!
Lance Landre
February 18,2009
Fresno, CA

Thanks, Lane, for doing such a great job keeping us 60s kids together!
Claudia Sterling Zahorcak '68
February 15,2009
Tualatin OR

Great job again, Lane. I'm impressed with the growth, the added photos. Heidelberg is indeed our hometown, and you've given us all a chance to reconnect quickly or little-by-little. Thanks! I agree with Mike's comment (Hey, Mike!) And have you noticed how beautiful we all were? Still look pretty good, but back then -- whew! Bruce
Bruce Barrett
February 10,2009
Duxbury, MA

We were all such babies then. Thanks for putting the web site together and I look forward to seeing any new photos that come up. I know Tom Griffin always had a camera handy and probably has sent a lot of the photos he has. I saw Jim Head in a few of those photos - unidentified. I should go back through and see if I can put names to faces. Mike '66
Michael Flanagan
February 8,2009
Milwaukee, WI

Thanks for looking at my homepage. It will be a work in process. If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas please let me know.
Lane W. Ellis
February 6,2009

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